DeLorean Technologies: EuroStyle Clear Front Indicator Lamps & DRL Conversions
EuroStyle Clear Front Indicator Lamps
for the DeLorean Motor Car

Presenting EuroStyle Clear Front Indicators
for the DeLorean Motor Car!

Finally! Clear front indicator lights for the DeLorean. Now you can update the front of your DeLorean for a more European look or enable DRL (daytime running light) functionality! Works with both Amber LEDs or incandescent bulbs. Also ideal for use with switchback (white/amber) LEDs (additional wiring required). For the types of bulbs we recommend, see the bottom of this page. ***Bulbs not included***

$150 shipped CONUS with core / $250 shipped CONUS without core.

Email us for international order shipping. 20% discount for full members of the DeLorean Owners Association.

These are original DeLorean housings that are modified with new European-made clear lenses.

(1) Pair EuroStyle Clear Lens/Housing Indicator Set + Required Spacers (bulbs not included)
Option A - Core Required: TOTAL $150 shipped CONUS
Option B - No Core Required: +$100 TOTAL $250 shipped CONUS

Contact us on how to purchase:

1) Core Required Option: You will need to ship us an unbroken, usable pair of front turn signal indicators that we will convert to clear indicators. We will use the ones that you send in, so please inspect the inside reflectors and ensure the chrome paint isn't damaged. What you send in is what we will use! You also have the option of sending in NOS units from DMC or DGo if you desire, or go with the no core required option below.

2) No Core Required Option: If you do not want to send your amber housings in to be modified, we can obtain NOS units for an added $100.

3) You will receive the pair of amber lenses back with the new clear lenses and housings. This way you can go back to stock if you'd like for whatever reason. Again, the amber lenses we send back to you will be the same ones you send us!

4) The new clear lenses will *not* come sealed onto the housing. This is to enable the owner to switch back to the amber lens for concours purposes if needed.

Installation instructions and full tech support included! DeLoreanTech wants you to be happy with your new Euro Style indicator lamps. As a result we have developed detailed installation videos on our YouTube channel that are exclusively available to our customers.

Note: the Photos here are examples of actual units we have completed and provided to customers

Important Note: The reflector housings included with the set are NOT in "perfect" shape, and the sets are are made using the housings you provide us and are not reproduced parts. There is a process to remove the original amber lens that leaves your reflector housing in less-than-perfect condition. Condition of the housing varies depending on the shape of the housings we receive and work with. The clear lenses are guaranteed 100% new and unused.

LED Bulbs that we recommend (but do not carry ourselves)


1) 1157 LED Bulb - Dual Function 27 SMD LED Tower - BAY15D Bulb - Amber - 2 Pack. This is what Christian Dietrich uses with his set up and is also the most affordable! About $20/pair

Order Here from

2) The brightest LED solution on the planet! ...also the most expensive. If you want luxury car performace LEDs, then the V6 Extreme Amber bulbs from VLEDs are the only way to go. Be sure to include the 1157 base adapters! $180/pair

Order Here from


1) The brightest LED solution on the planet! ...also the most expensive. DRLs will turn on whenever you start your car and add extra safety to your prized DeLorean (as if you need something else to attract attention right?) If you want luxury car performace Switchback LEDs, then the V6 Extreme Switchback bulbs from VLEDs are the only way to go. Available in DRL white color temps of 5000K or 6000K (we use the 6000K in all of our videos and photos). Be sure to include the 1157+Parking base adapters (the 1157+parking is required!) See special notes about DRL wiring below. $200/pair

Order Here from

2) Affordable option: NLpearl 2x 1157 Bay15d Led Signal Lamp Dual Color Led DRL Turn Signal Light 12V

Purchase on AliExpress (Remember you get what you pay for!) $15/set

Special Notes

NOTE: For all LED flasher applications you must install the appropriate flasher relay to prevent hyperflash. We recommend the adjustable one from Drayron for $10: ORDER HERE

*NOTE: For DRL functionality you must install an add-a-DRL wiring kit, or create one yourself! VLEDs carries a kit that can be used with their V6 DRL Switchback setups for $15: ORDER HERE

Yes you can use these with plain old incandescent bulbs (either clear or amber-tinted) if that is your thing! Here is a DEMO of what to expect:

EuroStyle Clear Front Indicators
for the DeLorean
Order yours today!

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